What is Live Event Streaming?

Not only is the very concept of doing a live webcast an exciting and often perfect solution, it is also relatively easy to do: webcasting live can be accomplished by simply having a webcam or digital camera, a laptop or home computer, appropriate cabling, some free software, and a modest broadband connection.

Put all the elements together, and you are online live! At the other extreme, professional productions such as major music or sporting events can be broadcast to tens of thousands of viewers via their web browsers.

Who should use Live Event Streaming?
Our special non-profit plans feature reduced entry level pricing and exclusive non-profit discounts! Live Event Streaming is especially effective for a wide variety of events including musical and sporting events, company financial reports or product announcements, lectures or training courses, and more. Live Event Streaming can even send images and sounds of a wedding or other family event to friends and relatives around the world, right to the comfort of their own homes. Anywhere you want to be, can help you broadcast successfully.

By utilizing our Live Event Streaming servers, you can reach a much wider audience across a much larger geographic area. The sights and sounds of your Live Event are then streamed from our Streaming Media servers to your viewers anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection.

Which plan is right for you?
If your are interested in learning more and exploring the possibilities available, please contact us E-mail: sales@servercristiano.com

- Music Concerts
- Church Services
- Sporting Events
- Press Conferences
- Red Carpet Premieres
- TV/Radio ShowsEvents Business and Industry
- Conferences
- Presentations
- Annual Reports
- Product Launches
- Commercial Events
- Advertising
Personal/Social Events
- Sermons and Oratory
- Weddings
- Church Events
- Family Occasions
- ReunionsEducation and Instruction
- Training and Coaching
- Online Instruction
- Web Based Distance Learning

Network Capacity Before your Live Event you willneed to determine the maximum upload speed of the Internet connection at the location of the Live Event Broadcast. What type of connection is available at the location? Has the connection been in place for a period of time and tested? Is there redundancy for the Internet connection or a backup Internet connection should the first one not work? What is the maximum upload speed for the connection? Server Cristiano Network is here to help you determine these factors.

Server Capacity Server Capacity is our concern. At Server Cristiano Network our Live Event Broadcast cluster utilizes multiple hardware load-balanced servers with connections to our OC-192 backbone. Utilizing Microsoft Windows 2003 and RedHat our Live Event Broadcast cluster can handle even the toughest load.

Audience Capabilities Before your Live Event Broadcast you will also want to fully evaluate the connection capabilities of your audience. Do most of your users have broadband or dial-up connections? Do they run Windows or Apple based computers? What media players do they have installed on their computers? With Server Cristiano Network you can reach every member of your audience with our wide array of supported formats and our Tier-1 OC-192 backbone.

Follow-up After your broadcast you may wish to follow up with summary data of your event and/or you may also wish to ensure that the event impact is still viable long after the event is over. Streaming Media Hosting has several key services to offer. To measure what kind of impact your broadcast event had in terms of audience reach and viewer numbers, you can view statistical and metric analysis to determine data such as numbers and geographical location of viewers. Server Cristiano Network can also assist you to develop follow-up e-mails, surveys and web sites to make sure your event impact was delivered and retained.

Live Event Streaming Pricing Live Event Broadcasting capabilities are included with any of our monthly streaming media plans, or can be priced for an individual event. The cost is largely determined by three factors:

1. The event duration
2. The quality required for the broadcast
3. The number of viewers

Please give send E-mail: sales@servercristiano.com to discuss broadcasting your event live or click here to fill out our Custom Solution Form and get an idea of your requirements and pricing.


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