Whmcs v4.4 Stable – Now Available!

Whmcs v4.4 Stable – Now Available!

WHMCS V4.4.1 – the latest stable version of WHMCS.

There are lots of new and improved features in this new version as you’d expect, but also a lot of optimisations behind the scenes to try and get every last bit of performance out of the system.

Some of the headline new features in this update include many Ajax Order Form Improvements, Multi-Language Support for the Admin Area, Admin Upgrade/Downgrade Ability, the ability to Split & Merge Invoices, Mass Products/Service Updates, a new & improved Addon Modules system, and a new feature we’re calling Website Widgets for getting product information to display on your website.

Ajax Order Form Enhancements

This update, the first since the original Ajax Order Form release earlier in the year, sees the addition of the more advanced order features that many of you have requested since its launch:

Implemented stock control support to prevent orders when out of stock
Added support for domain addons
Added additional domain fields requests on new registrations
Added custom client field support
Added support for security question setting at signup
Added support for ordering hidden products
Added support for passing promotion code via the url
Fixed domain transfer option showing even when disabled in config
Fixed translation issue where Years word was hardcoded
Fixed bug which caused custom field values to not be saved on some occasions
Fixed bug allowing double user creation if user clicked checkout more than once
Admin Area Multi-Language Support

WHMCS has always supported multiple languages for the client area, but now the long wait is over and the admin area supports multiple languages too! Able to set language per admin user, we’re well underway with converting all of the admin area pages to be translatable, but as we’re sure you’ll understand it’s a very big task converting every page and so we estimate we have around 75% of pages converted so far. That already gives you over 1500 lines of text to translate so happy translating! And we’ll release further updates with additional translatable pages before long.

Admin Upgrade/Downgrade Ability

Added the ability for admin users to create upgrade orders for products/services & configurable options from the admin interface which allows changes to be made, displays a live preview of the cost for that change, and then allows you to generate an order/invoice for it automatically with the upgrade being automatically processed as soon as the invoice is paid.

Split/Merge Invoices

From Invoices, it is now possible to select one or more line items on an invoice and split them out into a new separate invoice for payment. Similarly, it is now also possible to merge two or more separate invoices into one single combined invoice.

Mass Product/Service Updates

Added the ability to perform mass updates to products a client owns from the client summary page such as changing prices, bringing next due dates in line to a uniform date, and changing payment method, billing cycle and /or status

Client Activity Logging

We’ve added a new Log tab to client’s profiles which will hold an indefinite log of all system activity relating to that specific client. The log will show who initiated each action, from what IP, and on what date/time. This compliments the existing system wide activity log and makes it easier to trace events for particular clients. The log can also be filtered by date, description, admin and IP to pinpoint specific actions/events.

Website Widgets

This new feature which we are calling widgets in WHMCS provides a simple way for you to retrieve information such as product names, prices, order links and domain pricing to display on your website in any page with a simple javascript include, that will then auto update whenever you make changes inside WHMCS to your products & pricing.

New Addon Modules System

Possibly one of the most exciting new features is the new addon modules system. For end users like most of you, this simply means a much easier way to manage addon modules. It provides an easy & consistent way to install, manage & remove addon modules. It also introduces the ability for you to be able to set exactly which addon modules you want to allow each of your admin role groups to access.

But for developers it opens up a whole new world of possibilities, firstly allowing them to provide end users with a simpler install/uninstall procedure, allowing the use of modules and hooks from a single folder, providing a structured method of handling updates, allowing for modules to have custom sidebar functionality, allowing for multi-language support and more.

We hope this will open up a whole new wave of addon module development from third party developers who are now able to achieve more with their modules, and also we ourselves will be creating some addon modules of our own for functionality that doesn’t necessarily fit the core system.

PayPal Addon

As the first addon module using the new system, WHMCS V4.4 includes a PayPal Addon module which allows you to view your current PayPal account balance on your WHMCS admin homepage aswell as performing transaction ID lookups to verify payments and statuses without ever needing to actually login to PayPal.

ResellerClub/LogicBoxes DNS Management & Email Forwarding

Added support for ResellerClub’s remote auto login interface to allow clients to perform DNS Host Record Management & use LogicBoxes Email Forwarding service (as they still have no remote API for performing it within WHMCS)

Client Name Display Format

Added a new customisation setting for determining the format used for clients names in admin areas such as orders, product lists, transactions, support, etc… Can be Company Name or First Name/Last Name or a combination of the 2.

Disable Grouping in Invoices

Added option to disable automatic combining of products/services into a single grouped invoice when due on the same day and by the same client as a client profile and client group option

Improved Support Ticket Notes

Added a more intuitive dedicated “Add Note” tab when viewing a ticket and display of any staff notes directly above the replies list to avoid needing to switch to a tab to view

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