ResellerClub New Domain Management

ResellerClub New Domain Management

Over the last year, started working on the aesthetic look and feel of our Website and more importantly, our Control Panel.

Based on feedback from several Resellers, we’ve been improving both the look and the usability of our Control Panel and we’ve only recently completed the first phase.

Our New Domain Management Interface goes live on March 24th and with this post we’d like to give you a little sneak peek at what we’ve improved.

The Domain Management Interface is the most used area of the Control Panel and naturally, we thought it would be the best place to begin. Also, given the multiple sections within the area, it gave us a lot of scope to test out various little tweaks to help improve the overall user experience.

What’s new?
There are quite a few things we’ve improved keeping functionality in mind:

■Simple and neat interface to help you and your Customers navigate easily
■All Domain Management functions on a single page
■Better visibility and easier execution of Pending Invoices
■Clearly indicated Renew button and simplified renewals
The new Domain Management Interface will go live on the 24th of March. We’ll be taking up other product interfaces after that and releasing them as they’re ready.

We’d appreciate your feedback on this. Do let us know what you like/don’t like about it in your comments below.

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